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Audie Murphy: Four Movie Pack

Additional Details
Country: United States
Year: 1959
Runtime: 320 mins
Genre: Western

"The Man of the West: rustle up some classic western entertainment with cowboy legend Audie Murphy!

The Wild And The Innocent (1959)

Charming tale of mountaineer-trapper Murphy's first taste 'big city' life with young, sweet Sandra Dee in tow. She flees her family, which tried to trade her for some of Murphy's beaver pelts, and tags along with the reluctant Murphy. They get into all manner of trouble in town, and Murphy has to shoot the sheriff to rescue Dee from her job as a dancehall girl. ...The Wild and the Innocent.

Six Black Horses (1962) 80min
A beautiful woman with an ulterior motive hires two gunslingers to escort her through Indian territory so she can be reunited with her awaiting husband.

Gunpoint (1966) 86min
A young, determined sheriff and his posse chase a gang of murderous train robbers, and a kidnapped woman into New Mexico.

The Guns Of Fort Petticoat (1957)
Union Army deserter, Lt. Hewitt, trains a rag tag band of all-female homesteaders to defend themselves against a Comanche tribe on the warpath."

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