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Westside Series 4

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Westside explores the fates and fortunes of the infamous West family as they march through history.

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Country: New Zealand
Year: 2018
Runtime: 461 mins
Genre: Drama Crime

In deepest, darkest Henderson, as 1982 ticks over into 1983, there’s going to be a wedding at the West house. No-one’s said anything yet, but it is out there, waiting to happen. All it needs is for someone to propose to someone else. And it would be good too if the groom-to-be can manage to stay out of prison long enough to walk down the aisle.

You need a lot more than a silver sixpence to stage a West wedding - you need the West house backyard; the dress to end all dresses; not one but two pigs on a spit; a huge-as cake; an uninvited arrival of some old adversaries; at least one all-in brawl – especially if it involves the second-deadliest man in Henderson; at least one marriage break-up, to counter the actual marriage – if that actually goes ahead, which is no sure thing given the number of people trying to sabotage it; and, of course, truckloads and truckloads of alcohol.

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