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John Safran vs. God

"The peculiar brillance of Safran's schtick and his refusal to dliute it for mass public consumption has made it a valuable commodity....he sees the media as big noisy game, and his famous moments of confrontation are often the result of someone not wishing to play"
The Insider
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A rummage through the mosques, temples, churches and chicken coops of the religious world.

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Director: Craig Melville
Country: Australia
Year: 2004
Runtime: 208 mins

Episodes Include....!

JOHN SAFRAN VERSUS GOD, sees apostles of Buddhism, Catholicism, Judaism, Mormonism, Racism, Islam, Scientology and Voodoo under Safran's magnifying glass. But it's Safran himself who often feels the heat.

Safran visits a radical extreme Muslim cleric to see if he will place a fatwa on the head of a popular Australian television identity.

Safran confesses to, as a young man, masturbating in the bed of a Catholic priest - and is forgiven by the very priest whose bed he slept in.

"I'm definitely pro-religion, more so than anti-religion," Safran reveals. "I constantly feel like I'm going to get into trouble for the things I do, even if there's no logical reason for me to get into trouble"

The sins of Safran are finally dealt with in the dramatic series finale, when John has his demons cast out in a bizarre but perhaps necessary Christian exorcism.

Special Features
  • 'Bumped' featuring stories bumped from the original series!
  • Safran himself reveals why they didn't make the final cut and introduced by John's father, who himself was bumped from a segment!
  • Seeing the 'Master and Grasshopper' segment that never aired
  • Deleted scenes from 'Extreme Mormons'
  • John Safran marching with the Scientologists.
  • See explosive demonic possessionsfrom the 'Exorcism' episode NOT seen on tv!

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