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Evangelion: Rebuild of Evangelion - Test Type 01 (Plastic Model) [Kotobukiya]

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Neon Genesis Evangelion continues to be one of the most enduring anime franchises in history with some of the most beloved characters of all time… not least of which are the incredible giant robots known as Evas.

The next intricate plastic model kit from the series brings to life the most famous and popular of the Evas, EVANGELION TEST TYPE 01 - as seen in the EVANGELION 3.0 YOU CAN (NOT) REDO.

A tall, lanky cyborg machine piloted by the Third Child Shinji Ikari, Unit-01 is humanoid with thin limbs, reinforced knees and chest, shoulder extensions, and its iconic horned head. The model kit is comprised of over 400 parts pre-colored in the Eva’s traditional black, purple, and green color scheme so no painting is required.... More »

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