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Hearts and Bones

"A classic piece of cinema"
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A war photographer. A survivor. And a photograph that threatens to destroy them both.

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Director: Ben Lawrence
Country: Australia
Year: 2019
Runtime: 110 mins
Genre: Drama

War photographer, Daniel Fisher has returned home to the news of his partner’s pregnancy. Determined not let fatherhood alter his way of life, he begins preparations for an upcoming exhibition and his next overseas assignment. However, as the birth of his child draws near he struggles to keep his rising anxiety hidden.

Meanwhile, South Sudanese refugee, Sebastian Aman has created a safe life in Australia with his wife and child. His peaceful life is disturbed when Dan’s exhibition threatens to display photographs of a massacre that occurred in Sebastian’s home village, 15 years earlier.

When Sebastian approaches Dan with an appeal to not display any images of the massacre, an unlikely friendship develops between the men.... More »

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