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Tais Toi

“Irresistibly mad. Tais-Toi! is a lot of fun.”
- Tom Ryan, Sunday Age
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A film by Francis Veber

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Director: Francis Veber
Country: France
Year: 2003
Runtime: 87 mins

Quentin, a moron who drives everyone crazy with his mindless and incessant banter is caught after a hold-up and ends up in a prison cell with Ruby, a hard-boiled thief who refuses to say a word to anyone. Before being caught, Ruby managed to hide a vast amount of stolen money he in turn robbed from Vogel, a dangerous criminal who killed Ruby's lover, Sandra.

Despite the fact that Ruby will have nothing to do with him, Quentin develops a deep friendship for him. Ruby manages to get transferred to the mental ward, followed by Quentin who pulls off a clumsy yet successful escape for both of them, just as Ruby is about to escape alone.

A lone wolf to begin with, Ruby is on a quest to kill... More »

Special Features
  • - Reversable slick
  • - Francis Veber filmography
  • - Theatrical trailer
  • - 5.1 Surround and DTS audio

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