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While at War

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From Academy Award winner Alejandro Amenábar

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Director: Alejandro Amenabar
Country: Spain
Year: 2020
Runtime: 107 mins
Genre: Drama

The first Spanish-language production in nearly 17 years from Oscar-winning writer/director Alejandro Amenábar (The Sea Inside, The Others, Agora), WHILE AT WAR is a powerful and hugely resonant historical drama set in the first months of the Spanish Civil War, depicting how the country inexorably slid into nearly four decades of fascism under dictator Francisco Franco.

It’s July, 1936. Nationalist forces take to the streets of Salamanca, challenging the authority of the democratically elected Second Spanish Republic, and arresting the city’s mayor for the crime of being Republican. However, the esteemed Miguel de Unamuno (Karra Elejalde) author, professor, and rector, pays the uprising little... More »

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