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The Justice of Bunny King (Nz)

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The most important NZ film of the year

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Director: Gaysorn Thavat
Country: New Zealand
Year: 2021
Runtime: 100 mins
Genre: Drama

ESSIE DAVIS plays Bunny King, a mother of two with a sketchy past who works as a squeegee bandit washing windows at traffic lights. Bunny uses her warmth and wit to charm money from gridlocked motorists, saving every cent to get custody of her children. When Bunny promises her daughter a birthday party, she finds herself struggling against the social services to keep her word. After Bunny is thrown out of her sister’s house, she is now with no money, no home and her niece Tonyah (THOMASIN MCKENZIE) in tow. With no help from social services, Bunny must break the rules to deliver the birthday and rescue her niece.

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