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Robotech Part 3: The New Generation (Blu-Ray)

" owe it to the anime fan inside of you to see what the whole fuss is about!"
- Ken Cross (Anime News Network)
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A new generation!

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Country: Japan
Year: 1985
Runtime: 625 mins

Weary from war, the United Earth Forces fall to the ravenous Invid. Sent to reclaim their home, Scott Bernard is the sole survivor of the futile assault. With new allies and driven to free the planet, they embark on a suicide mission—destroy Reflex Point!

Special Features
  • Robotech Overview;Mospeada Original Pilot - Part 1;Toy Commercials;Video Game Presentations;Prototype Toy Presentation;Merchandise Gallery - Toys;Miscellaneous Merchandise;Doll Line Fashion Designs;Activity Flyer;ARCO Toys Sellsheet;Robotech Novels Press Kit;RDF Fan Club Packet;International Clips

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