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Off Country

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Seven Indigenous students leave their communities to spend a year boarding at one of the oldest and most elite boarding schools in the country, Geelong Grammar School.

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Directors: Rhian Skirving, John Harvey
Country: Australia
Year: 2021
Runtime: 96 mins
Genre: Documentary

Every year, around 3000 Indigenous students receive scholarships to attend some of Australia’s most prestigious boarding schools. It is an immense opportunity, setting many of the youngsters on a path to a bright future, but it also means they must leave their families and communities.

From inside the boarding house, on the sports field and in the classroom OFF COUNTRY follows the 2020 school year as the boarding school is thrown into chaos as the pandemic hits. Students wrestle with their identities as they move between boarding life and home life, and offer complex portraits of what it is to be an Indigenous child in Australia today.

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