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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Part 12 (Eps 156-176) Blu-Ray

Additional Details

Mission in the Land of Valleys

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Available September 08 2022

Country: Japan
Year: 2019
Runtime: 525 mins

Boruto and crew go on a dangerous mission to the Land of Silence, a lawless land filled with disgraced ninja. Fighting their way across the region, they face the diabolical Deepa, an Inner of Kara with terrifying powers! After the fight, Boruto and Sarada realize they need training to get stronger. Boruto wants to strengthen his signature Rasengan, and Sarada her Sharingan. Kakashi, Sasuke, and Sakura take on the task of training the Leaf’s next generation!

Special Features
  • Storyboards, Art Gallery, Clean Opening and Endings

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