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Doctor Finlay - Series Three

"DR FINLAY is first-rate, splendid and absolutely fabulous."
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A J Cronin's famous characters are lovingly recreated in the popular Scotish period drama.

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Country: United Kingdom
Year: 1993
Runtime: 350 mins
Genre: Drama

The third series of Doctor Finlay sees some major changes in the day to day life in the surgery; two new partners in quick succession, the retirement of Doctor Cameron and the addition of Rhona Swanson, who replaces Janet as Doctor Finlay’s housekeeper.

The arrival of Tannochbrae’s first lady Doctor, Jennifer Napier, certainly causes a stir. She has a way of confronting Doctor Finlay’s more conservative instincts and is determined not to put up with a patient list of women and children only.

These seven episodes introduce the widest variety of guest characters so far and at the same time, deal with a very contemporary range of subjects

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