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Rebirth (Manga) Vol. 03

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Only One Man Can Stand Against a Mad Sorcerer Threatening to Destroy the World!

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An experiment in synthesis ...A puppet of flesh made by Buddhist monks, Beryun is a living Yin Yang symbol, a perfect synthesis of Light and Dark magic. She is a creature of opposites. Beautiful, yet deadly - spiritual, yet soulless. The Dark magician and vampire Deshwitat came to China to visit her creators in the hope that they could teach him Light Magic. A wandering swordsman who cannot die ...Three hundred years ago, Rett Buttler was one of Deshwitat's only friends. After the Light Sorcerer Kalutika imprisoned Deshwitat, Rett fought to avenge his friend and would have died, had his opponent not had other plans. Kalutika cursed Rett with immortality so that he would live to see the Armageddon... More »

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