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Skyland Season 1 - Part 1

"Beautifully animated, SKYLAND is packed with drama and adventure, space-traveling action, struggles between good and evil, multi-dimensional characters, and enough mystery to entertain tweens to adults."
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Join Mahad and his sister Lena on their quest to discover new civilisations and amazing places where freedom still reigns.

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Director: Emmanuel Gorinstein
Country: France
Year: 2005
Runtime: 293 mins
Genre: Kids & Family

200 years in the future, in the 23rd century, the Earth has shattered into millions of blocks, known as Skyland. A new kind of human being lives among the world, people called Seijins, who absorb sunlight to fuel their telekinetic and telepathic abilities.

The Sphere, a dictatorship, has risen to power by controlling what has become the most precious resource: water. The Sphere's power is enforced by the Guardians, an elite corps of Seijins who were taken from their families at a young age and trained. The leader of the Guardians is Oslo, a Seijin who, at the expense of his health, exposed himself to constant light until he could use his powers in both light and darkness.

A rebellion has emerged, opposing the Sphere. Rebel pirates steal water to keep the citizens of Skyland alive and battle the Sphere to help people receive the valuable water.

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