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Jonathan Creek Series 2

"A completely relaxing and satisfactory set of mystery stories, strongly spiked with comedy and in which the characters are everything... and the impossible solutions are half the fun."
Sydney Morning Herald
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Houdini meets whodunnit.

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Country: United Kingdom
Year: 1997
Runtime: 300 mins
Genre: Drama

Episode One – Danse Macabre
Best-selling author Emma Lazarus, popularly known as “The Queen Of Horror”,has been shot through the heart at the Cotswolds home of her daughter, Lorna Claithorne. But the date is October 31 – Halloween – and this is no ordinary murder. Inexplicably, the mystery killer has apparently evaporated like a puff of smoke, right in front of everyone’s eyes. In the words of Lorna’s husband,The Reverend Stephen Claithorne:“Some miracles you don’t want to believe in.”

Maddy Magellan is called in to shed light on the problem, but quickly realises this a case for a specialist.This time, however, Jonathan Creek is too busy sorting out the love life of his boss, magician Adam... More »

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  • - Collectable Booklet including original BBC Press Information

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