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Ben 10: The Secret of the Omnitrix

"Don't miss BEN 10"
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Discover the Secret of the Omnitrix in the first BEN 10 Feature Film

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Country: United States
Year: 2007
Runtime: 71 mins
Genre: Kids & Family

During a battle with Animo, a head strong Ben in hero mode, doesn’t listen to reason from Max and Gwen, and gets engulfed in a weird energy light. Little does Ben know that the “self destruct” function on the Omnitrix has just been initiated, sending out a signal that reaches Tetrax (the Diamondhead alien). Tetrax comes to Earth and tells Ben they must travel through space to find the watch’s creator, Azmuth. He’s the only entity who can stop the Omnitrix from self destructing, saving not only Ben, but the galaxies as well! As Ben and Tetrax travel through space, Ben must only must fight off Vilgax and his robotic drones who’ve picked up the Omnitrix’s signal, but also deal with Gwen who’s stowed... More »

Special Features
  • BEN 10: THE SECRET OF THE OMNITRIX has THREE ALTERNATIVE FIGHT SCENES, not seen on TV, but available on the DVD!
  • DVD includes an interactive quiz, to determine "which alien are you!"
  • One of the fight scenes features never before seen alien "Eye Guy"
  • Eye Guy is part bat and part reptile. His upper-body is covered in eyes, hence the name. He has three-toed feet and four-fingered hands as well. Ironically, he has no eyes on his head, which consists of a mouth and a very large pair of ears.
  • Eye Guy is capable of firing energy beams from his eyes, the large eye in his chest firing the most powerful version. In addition, he can merge all of his eyes into the one on his chest to fire an even more powerful beam. Eye Guy first appears in the alternate version of BEN 10: THE SECRET OF THE OMNITRIX, replacing Heatblast during the fight with Doctor Animo.

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