Madman Entertainment 25th Anniversary

Celebrating 25 Years of Madman

Madman Entertainment
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Celebrating 25 Years of Madman

Celebrating 25 Years of Remarkable Entertainment

Since Madman’s inception in 1996 we have aspired to amplify remarkable stories that entertain, and also create connections that transcend the screen – starting conversations, encouraging reflection and empowering change.

After 25 years we are still doing what we love – proudly distributing the remarkable content you have laughed with, cried at, debated with your mates, and jumped up and down with delight about. We are still here today because of every Cinema ticket purchase you made, every time you picked up a DVD from your local retailer, or took a chance on something that grabbed your attention on digital. We can’t thank you enough for sharing our passion for film and joining us on our journey, and we are excited to share what comes next.