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Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil Season 1

"Who knew homicidal nuns, manic-depressive priests and nonsensical setups, like the Devil and Jesus engaging in a dashboard-bongo jam session while driving across the desert to get to the Burning Man festival, could be so much fun?"
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Daddy's little girl is the Anti-Christ

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Country: United States
Year: 2007
Runtime: 165 mins
Genre: Comedy

Fathers rarely think any man is good enough for their little girls to date, but for Lucy, the Devil's 21-year-old daughter, disapproval is deadly for her prospective mates. Set in San Francisco, this CGI animated comedy hails from the imagination of Loren Bouchard of the Home Movies and Dr.… Katz: Professional Therapist fame.

Ready an altar and prime your home entertainment center, for Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil is finally available on digital video disc! Now you can bring home the bizarre adventures of everyone's favorite art school grad, bartender, and occasional Antichrist to watch again and again, ad nauseam. This DVD set contains all 11 episodes from the first and only season,... More »

Special Features
  • "Making Of" interviews
  • Satanic Sing-a-Long
  • Crew commentary on some episodes

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